About us

An independent design-driven creative studio – that works on all aspects of communication.

Our commitment is to stay true to genuine and authentic expression, via any medium that calls to be used, to fully exhibit the potential of the subject we are working on.

Our aim is to offer a precise, thoughtful and complete brand experience.

Our input – always changing and organic, depending on the requirement of our client, based on what is expressed and also on the requirement that is perceived.

Sometimes it is just bringing their identity in focus and giving it a clear look. Sometimes it is helping them find their own voice and clarity. Sometimes it is being the functional backbone of delivering what is already a requirement that has great clarity.

No matter how the engagement unfolds, our approach to design is clear – that the journey is about solving problems. Finding the best solution for the predicament at hand. And it always gives us great pleasure in exploring the journey with our client, pushing boundaries in ourselves and in them, and helping the New, that is always waiting in the wings, to evolve. 

Our team enjoys working across disciplines and media, having had firsthand experience in different roles, in several industries. Based on our individual strengths, we have had great fun doing animation, comic books, magazine content & layout, fine art, book covers, art, UI design and more to fulfill specific client requirements.

This is why you will find a range of offerings that we are able to provide to you. Because our passion for art and design in all kinds of expressions – traditional, modern, technological – is what drives our output. This is also what enables us to create custom solutions based on the nature of your company/brand and specifically what each entity needs.

In being true to that journey, we have, over the years, had the opportunity to work with the best collaborators – experts in their own domain. And now Pulse Design is able to offer you a one-stop-shop solution in all your needs that are called for once design is through. A robust, seasoned, knowledgeable digital marketing company, international printing solutions, or artisans with traditional skills to execute large scale bespoke works. We have it all.


The core team of Pulse is Paul Thomas and Reba Daniel. The larger scope of work that this collective does is powered by all of the additional support and help of the professionals and colleagues that we have worked with over two decades, across several industries – visual, print, digital marketing, strategy.

We create and collaborate together to get the best visual message across – through whichever medium works best for your requirement.
What we can assure you is that we will be committed to being clear about who you are, what you offer to everyone who needs to hear it – in the BEST possible way.

Paul Thomas

Artist / Designer

Reba Daniel

Writer / Natural Health Journalist