Farmer’s share

Non-profit organisation

Permaculture and Craft Learning Centre

Ambrose Kooliyath is one of Kerala’s pioneers in the self-sustainability arena. A deep committed agriculturist and student of life, his areas of work span traditional systems of food, body supporting supplements, seasonal health and plants, and all aspects of self-sustainable living.

Farmers Share is a brand that networks chemical free, natural process based produce directly from farmers and provides them to the closest big city. They also create their own products based on traditional recipes and age-old practices. Their farm is the venue for many traditional and forgotten crafts to be reestablished and re-accessed by urban Indians.

Branding for this entity was seamless, as Ambrose had a deep clarity  what he was working with, and what the objective of the whole enterprise was. Plus, when the brand itself has such potential for goodness to humanity, there always seem to be unseen elements that work to influence the work and the outcomes!


  • Brand identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Promotional - digital & print