Design for a body & hair care brand

Fresh and Pure, absolutely zero chemicals, handmade, handcrafted products. This is a company whose products were born from a mother’s need to make safe, user friendly products for her children. The level of Alchemy and the formulation was superior, world-class. The commitment towards safety and purity ran deeper than any standards that an external regulator could enforce. 

When we met Ibbani, they had already been in existence for four years. But were searching for the right team to articulate with clarity who they were.
This unknown, yet magnificent company was the brainchild of Dr. Sahana, an opthalmologist who did not know she was actually an alchemist in disguise. That aspect of her came to the fore when her child downed half a bottle of body lotion, and she read the ingredients in the daily-use lotion for the first time ever. From this fortunate accident was born Ibbani. After repeated R&D formulations and several years of relentless effort, she arrived at the perfect formulation for the now classic Ibbani Body Butter.

When they met us, the problem they had was – what Harrish said “You know when I look at the labels of Ibbani products, I don’t feel like marketing it to someone…I know what is inside the bottle is great, but it looks opposite on the outside”. He had put perfectly into words the relevance of good design in marketing. We smiled. Grateful that we didn’t have to spend time explaining that point to this client.

The task: Rebranding to showcase the purity, beauty and superior quality that Ibbani actually holds; and the timeless aspect of natural ingredients and the long lasting healing that they provide to the human body.
This brand is one that is very, very close to our hearts. That’s because – it’s quite special to find a brand that is fully committed to what it talks about. And this takes our journey of creating the right representation for them on a deeper and oh-so-satisfying journey. And at the end, the brand as an entity always benefits.


  • Brand identity
  • Packaging design