Ave Tea

Branding for tea company

When Abhishek Sircar, co-founder of Avetea met us, he was in despair with what he had as his existing branding – something we’ve seen in many of our clients. He had gone through the whole process of design, but the end result did not hold what he had envisioned for the brand, did not resonate with him, or inspire him to take the brand further on its journey.

Doing the Avetea rebranding was a matter of realignment. Taking out the amateur aspects of it and making it look like the international tea company they were fast becoming.

The approach was simple and classic. From basic rebranding, redesigning their deliverables to providing innovative names for their blends – we have had a wonderfully engaging and enjoyable time with this client. And our journey together continues with Mr. Sircar’s next venture AveGaiaa.


  • Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design