Health Cafe

Health magazine design and content

This was a project that was perfectly aligned for so many reasons. Great rapport and clarity with the owner, small team, clarity of purpose and vision. All of these made working on The Health Cafe a very satisfying experience. Paul was challenged to be versatile every month – and had fun creating multimedia visuals, on all of the editions that came out – going the whole gamut on magazine layout on this project. But in reality, the learning we had through this project, laid the foundation for so much more of our consecutive work -and we are deeply aware of this, and grateful!

This was a unique magazine that was brought out by a mainstream doctor – who cared passionately and deeply about genuine science and evidence – which found a great response team in Chief Editor Jacob George  and Editor Reba Daniel, whose core expertise was Natural Heath and evidence- based health journalism.

What it taught Team Pulse Design was: If you have team members passionate about a cause, you can create a beautiful, world class magazine every month, with not just shoestring budget, but also a shoestring team, as long as they are well qualified! A massive point for keeping budgets down.


  • Brand identity
  • Editorial services
  • Art direction
  • Magazine Design / Layout
  • Content